Well hello world and welcome to the creative archive I call my Time Capsule Creations.

Some of you may think that Hannah-May and I are one and the same but you’d be wrong! She fell down a rabbit-hole and disappeared, leaving me in her place…so I’ve taken over. I’m Spam Glam and what you see in front of you is a documentation of the things that matter to me.

Ever heard of the terms contemporary jewellery, art jewellery, author jewellery, body adornment or (my favourite) wearable sculpture??? Fear not! Although I may be hugely passionate about this very niche field within the arts, few have heard of them. In these pages I will combine my passions for all of the above with a pinch of humour and a dollop of performance in the hopes of entertaining YOU, my wonderful audience, and engaging with you on a level that you’re comfortable with. Who knows, you may even fall in love with it like I did all those years ago…

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